Shana Targosz
Shana Targosz
Designer of costumes. Writer of stories. Tea-a-holic. Crafter of beautiful things, scary things, magical things, fuzzy things. Book nerd, Zelda fan, board gamer, and lover of all things fantastical. Mom to a master Lego builder and future space explorer. Thank you for visiting!



Mask Design

I love designing masks, and particularly enjoy sculpting them from leather. Here’s a look at several leather masks I designed and created for a production of Romeo & Juliet.

Dice bag and Plush design

In addition to writing and costume design work, I am a freelance dice bag and plush designer. The prototypes I create are manufactured, then sold online, at conventions, and at retail stores. Clients include Toonhound Studios, We Love Fine, and Oni Press.


Headless Horseman Cape

A recreation of the Headless Horseman costume worn by Ray Park in the film Sleepy Hollow.


Boba Fett Costume (for a four-year-old)

The best part of being a nerd-leaning costume designer mom is that I get to make costumes for my son. Here’s a look at the Boba Fett armor I made for him to wear at Emerald City Comic Con when he was four years old.


Dragon Quest Cosplay

Here’s another cosplay costume I created for my son. This time he chose Builder from Dragon Quest Builders!