Dragon Quest Builders Cosplay (For a seven-year-old)

My son is a huge fan of the Dragon Quest games. When Dragon Quest Builders first came out he was enthralled, and it quickly became his favorite video game. Now he has his own Dragon Quest Builder costume, and it is hands-down his favorite cosplay outfit—he’s worn it now for two years running!

The belt buckle was crafted with worbla and fun foam. The hammer (Hammer of the Builder) is made of foam and vinyl with metal stud details, and has a 1” dowel handle. The goggles are ArcOne fly safety goggles that have been painted, with a fabric strap added to match the costume. Oh, and there is a blue slime plush on his belt.

Dq builder 3.jpg
Dq builder 4.jpg
Dq builder 5.jpg
Dq builder 7.jpg