About Shana

Hi! I’m Shana (pronounced shay-nah). I’m an award-winning costume designer of stage and film, I write books about young heroes on wildly fantastical adventures, and I custom design plushies and dice bags for nerdy-chic companies. I love what I do.

I hold an MFA in Drama and have worked with many amazing people over my career. Connecting with other artists and geeking out over the things we make is the best part of my job(s). I love to travel, drink tea, read books, and create art. And I love to imagine worlds that exist parallel to our own. Every world should have a dragon in it, don’t you think? Or at least a ghost or two. If nothing else, then cake will do.

Curious about my work? Please visit my Costume Design section, or meander over to my Projects page, where you can see some crafty things I’ve created, or read some of my brain-wanderings in my Scribbles section. Or, if you’d rather hear me talk at you, check out the Podcasts I’ve contributed to. Hopefully you’ll find something that strikes your fancy.

I’m a Zelda nerd, a tea-a-holic, a book devourer, and mom to an expert Lego builder and future space explorer.

Thank you for visiting :)

Photo by Ed Peterson

Photo by Ed Peterson