Dice Bag and Plush Designs


Tea Dragon Plush, Chamomile

Chamomile is one of the main dragon characters in The Tea Dragon Society, a graphic novel by Katie O’Neill and published by Oni Press. Working closely with Katie, I created this prototype for the iconic tea dragon.


Mimic Dice Bag

This sweet little dice-eating monster bag was designed for Toonhound Studios, home of the Table Titans webcomic and the PVP webcomic.

Beholder_for web.jpg

Beholder Dice Bag

I co-designed this iconic D&D monster dice bag with Scott Kurtz, creator of Table Titans and PvP webcomics. Using Scott’s sketch of the Beholder’s expression, I took the construction further with separate wired eye stalks, as well as collapsible drawstring eye stalks.

Puglie sushi prototype_1.JPG
Puglie sushi prototype_4.JPG

Puglie Sushi Costume

I love my Puglie plush, and when I was asked to prototype Puglie’s first wearable costume I jumped at the chance. The problem? I craved sushi every time I worked on the costume!