Shana Targosz

Middle Grade Fiction


Seeker of the Lost Stars

Lost stars, devious creatures of ink and shadow, and a museum of magical artifacts hidden beneath the world.

Indiana Jones meets A Wrinkle in Time in this 74,000 word MG historical fantasy.

The House of Haunts

To save her home from the wrecking ball, eleven-year-old Zee and her friends follow a century-old treasure hunt, with help from a ghost.

(In revisions)

Goonies meets City of Ghosts in this 70,000 word MG paranormal fantasy.

The SpellWorker’s Apprentice

To keep a book of spells from falling into the wrong hands, a young apprentice must assume her master’s identity, then fight to stay one step ahead of the magicians who murdered them.

(Work in progress)

Howl’s Moving Castle meets The Blackthorn Key.


Short Stories


Benjamin Barley and the Unbelievable Bicycle

A 4,000 word short story about the power of imagination, and where it can take you.