#kidlitwomen Podcast with Megan Lacera

A new #kidlitwomen podcast I hosted is now available!

In this podcast I interviewed author and wonder woman Megan Lacera, and we discussed her essay EMPOWER YOURSELF: 3 KEY LESSONS I LEARNED FROM WORKING IN TOYS AND KIDS' ENTERTAINMENT. Listen to Megan read her essay in Episode 58, and then tune in to our discussion in Episode 59.

I enjoyed every minute of our conversation. We laughed so much during the interview (particularly the moment I flubbed the title of Megan’s upcoming book ZOMBIES DON’T EAT VEGGIES! and made it a different story entirely) that it took some time to edit our giggling out—but we instantly hit it off and quickly became friends. We connected because of #kidlitwomen and this podcast, and I will be forever grateful.

You can read Megan’s essay HERE.

Learn more about Megan and her partner in kidlit shenanigans, Jorge Lacera, at their website http://www.studiolacera.com/

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