#kidlitwomen Podcast with Joanna Marple

A new #kidlitwomen podcast with me as the host is now available!

In this podcast I interviewed Joanna Marple, and we discussed her essay, A SCHOOL LIBRARIAN’S THOUGHTS ON #KIDLITWOMEN & #EQUALITYINKIDLIT. Listen to Joanna read her essay in Episode 38, and then tune in to our discussion in Episode 39.

You can read Joanna’s essay HERE.

Learn more about Joanna at her blog Miss Marple’s Musings at Joannamarple.com

If you enjoy listening and want to hear more essays and interviews, please visit https://www.kidlitwomen.com/, and please consider supporting the #kidlitwomen podcast.

Photo by  Jamie Taylor  on  Unsplash

Photo by Jamie Taylor on Unsplash